How We Sell a Co-op

We are considered to be the top Queens Co-op Experts as 90% of business is marketing and selling co-ops.

We have been successfully selling co-ops with record prices throughout Queens and in developments such as Le Havre on the Water, Clearview Gardens, Cryder House, Cryder Point, Towers at Water’s Edge (Americana, Versailles & Seville), Alley Pond, Deepdale Gardens, Beech Hills and Towers at Beechhurst co-ops since 1994.

We know what it takes to find the right board qualified buyer based on the co-op’s requirements.

Due to the strict co-op board standards, we will demand that the purchaser provide some of the documents that would eventually be required by the co-op for approval before the offer can be found acceptable.

These documents include:
  1. Mortgage Pre-Approval Letter (if applicable)
  2. Copy of the Credit Check for all persons over 18 (to review minimum monthly debt and any late payments, delinquencies or collections)
  3. Copy of a current pay stub
  4. Copies of the W2’s or 10-99’s for the last 2 years
  5. Copies of the Federal Income Taxes for the last 2 years (co-op uses the Adjusted Gross Income (line 37) to determine the true income)
  6. Proof of Funds
  7. Copy of existing sale contract (if applicable)